Doctor Who Christmas Special: 10 Reasons To Be Extremely Excited

9. The Snowmen

doctor_who_snowmen_a_l_0 However, despite the familiar, cosy Victorian Christmas setting it won€™t all be fun and festivity this Christmas as the Doctor and his friends are set to face a race of living snowmen. Scary living snowmen, complete with icicles for teeth, are a great idea, harking back to several other Christmas films and specials which involve snowmen coming to life. However, I bet there€™s no other living snowmen like these ones €“ for one, it€™s been announced that they€™re voiced by Sir Ian McKellen! And if the prospect of a load of grinning evil snowmen talking like a legendary thespian and wizard doesn€™t excite you then I am afraid nothing on this list will.

8. Richard E Grant is the Villain

uktv-doctor-who-xmas-2012-2 Talking of thespians, another reason to be excited for 'The Snowmen' is that it also stars well-known British actor Richard E Grant as the episode€™s villain, the misanthropic Dr Simeon; who is presumably attempting to destroy mankind with his snowy allies. For Doctor Who fans, its extra special to have Grant in a Doctor Who episode as he has in fact played the Doctor himself twice before; once, in a Steven Moffat-penned (who also wrote this episode) spoof of Doctor Who which starred Grant as well as Rowan Atkinson, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant(!) and Joanna Lumley(!!) as different incarnations of the Doctor and, secondly, in 2003€™s web series €˜Scream of the Shalka.€™
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