Doctor Who Christmas Special: 10 Reasons To Be Extremely Excited

7. Vastra, Jenny and Strax

Dr Who XI 3 Xmas 2012 One of the most exciting things about the Christmas Special is that it sees the return of the €˜Lizard Woman of Paternoster Row€™, Madame Vastra, and her companion/maid Jenny. For those who do not know, Vastra and Jenny first appeared in last year€™s €˜A Good Man Goes to War€™ as old friends of the Doctor€™s who helped him rescue Amy from Demons Run. That same episode also introduced Commander Strax, a disgraced Sontaran who is forced to work as a nurse on the battlefield. Strax is known by many fans for his infamous statement; €˜I have been genetically modified to fulfil all the duties of a nurse. I can produce magnificent quantities of lactic fluid!€™ Thankfully, Strax is also back this Christmas, now working as Vastra and Jenny€™s butler. With these three great creations featured, this special€™s bound to be bags of fun.

6. A Different Side to the Doctor

3110585-doctor-relaxing-496 Matt Smith€™s Doctor has previously loved Christmas but this year we€™ve been promised a more Scrooge-like Doctor, left morose and withdrawn after losing Amy and Rory in €˜The Angels Take Manhattan.€™ In fact, according to the Children in Need prequel to the special, the Doctor has retired; to save planets and defeat monsters no more. Now, none of us believe that for a second but it sounds like an interesting avenue for the Doctor€™s character to go down even if (we think) we know it all be all right by the end.
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