Doctor Who Seasons 1-12 Ranked Worst To Best

11. Season Nine

Doctor Who David Tennant Tenth Doctor

Season nine suffered the opposite fate of season seven. Instead of featuring no two-parters, it featured almost all two-parters. Unlike season seven where some stories needed that room to breathe, the stories in season nine sometimes felt forced into being longer.

The stories touched on some brilliant concepts and returned old favourite villains like Davros, the Zygons and even saw the Doctor return to Gallifrey. We also got Heaven Sent which is the greatest episode of New Who. Period. The only problem was that the plot, and the Hybrid arc was so convoluted that a lot of fans to this day, still aren't sure what was going on.

Clara remained the companion in this season, alongside the Twelfth Doctor, despite almost leaving at the end of the previous season. While Clara is a great character, following on from her disenchantment in season eight, it felt quite jarring to have her continue to travel with the Doctor. It was almost as if she outstayed her welcome, so it was brilliant development when Clara sacrificed herself to save a friend. Damn. Just as we were starting to like her again.

But that was all undone a couple of episodes later when Clara was made immortal, given her own TARDIS and flew off with Maisie WIlliams. While some argue it was deserved, from a plot perspective it cheapened her character's arc and glorified the fact she became too much like the Doctor; a feat which had previously been condemned.

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