Doctor Who Series 7: 5 Things We Want From The Last Cyberman

1. Not Like The Doctor's Wife

Now before the internet starts chanting 'Crucify him! Crucify him!' I just want to make it perfectly clear what I mean here. I, in no way, think 'The Doctor's Wife' is bad. I'm right up there with everything praising it for the masterpiece that it is. I simply mean that Neil Gaiman has one of those imaginations that just don't run out, and I think I speak for everyone ever when I say I want to see what else the man has in that brilliant world going on in his head, which would make it a shame if we had to sit through something familiar when we know we could be getting something very different and very special. Luckily, this isn't a huge worry. Neil Gaiman is definitely not the kind of writer to tell the same story twice. Although his definitive style of haunting settings, unusual characters, names and descriptive techniques and profound use of wordplay remain almost constants in his work, we're not likely to see a little girl called Door or buttons for eyes in 'The Last Cyberman'. Though the news that the guest stars of this ep are described as 'misfits' on a 'mysterious planet' doesn't inspire much confidence in the originality department, it in no way measures up against all the good things this episode already has going for it. Gaiman's assertions that the Cybermen are going to be freaking the hell out of us pretty soon and the highly personal inspiration for the story are all good signs. And I'm sure we won't be disappointed...

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