Falcon & The Winter Soldier: 9 Fan Theories That Could Come True

How did John Walker get Cap's shield??

falcon and winter soldier john walker

After a rollercoaster of a ride, WandaVision has finally come to a close. While it may take some time to properly process the ending of the MCU's Phase Four opener, fans can now start to look towards The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is now less than two weeks away.

The series that was originally supposed to kick off the MCU's Disney+ slate now has an incredibly tough act to follow, but it has more than enough potential to be another smash.

The continuation of the Captain America story is sure to entertain from start to finish, but what can fans expect to see?

Well, this series will be more of a traditional superhero property than the series that preceded it, and as usual, Marvel Studios has kept details of the actual plot of the six episodes very close to its chest. However, this has simply enticed fans into trying to piece everything together already.

Though the show may not inspire fan theories on the same level of craziness and outlandishness as WandaVision, it is bound to have some huge surprises in store.

Is it possible that some of them have already been worked out?

9. Zemo Will Be Working For The U.S. Government

falcon and winter soldier john walker
Marvel Studios

Helmut Zemo was one of a handful of villains introduced throughout Phase Three that went a long way towards making up for the MCU's annoying habit of producing lacklustre and disappointing villains.

Though he was ultimately caught by T'Challa, Zemo succeeded in his plan to destroy the Avengers, and bringing him back to face off against Sam and Bucky is a smart move from Marvel Studios.

However, it may not be as straightforward as the villain continuing his revenge arc from Captain America: Civil War. After all, his plan came to fruition as he was able to watch Tony Stark and Steve Rogers tear each other to pieces.

One theory suggests that Zemo will in fact be used as a pawn (of sorts) by the US government. There is no reason to think that Secretary Ross and co. won't still hold the same opinions on superheroes even after the events of Avengers: Endgame, and Zemo would be the perfect way for them to keep the Sokovia Accords relevant and almost control the supply and demand of heroes.

The government won't have forgiven the titular duo for their part in Cap's acts of defiance in Germany, and sending Zemo after them while making Captain America clone "US Agent" the face of the Accords could be their way of taking them down.


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