Fear The Walking Dead: 10 Most Shocking Deaths

9. Jeremiah Otto Sr.

Fear The Walking Dead

Skipping to the third season mid-season finale, we have a penultimate showdown between Madison and Jeremiah concerning the true ownership of the land the Otto ranch rests on.

After hearing both sides of the long feud between Jeremiah, Walker, and the Hopi Tribe, Madison makes a final decision as she realises the stoic old man who granted a home for her and her family is indeed in the wrong. Building up to be quite an unlikeable character due to some racist remarks and recalling instances of alcohol-induced domestic abuse, it was becoming clear that Jeremiah Otto Sr. should be expecting to bite the bullet sometime soon.

Madison approaches Jeremiah to offer a chance of redemption for his actions by carrying out his own suicide. He talks her down with anger to the point of which the gun is dropped onto the table. During this, Nick lets himself in unannounced to suddenly shoot Otto, cutting him off mid-sentence in front of his guilty mother.

This death was received as quite a shocker since previous episodes had featured Jeremiah essentially mentoring Nick which led to his apparent allegiance. The Clark family all stand on Jeremiah's porch with hope for survival yet a slight lingering tension due to the circumstances which got them there.


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