Friends Quiz: Bet You Can't Name All These Characters!

Friends Quiz - Can you name all these minor and supporting characters?

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The most popular TV sitcom in the history of television, Friends is still as popular here in 2021 (still sounds weird to say, right?) as its was during its original ten-season run that wrapped up in 2004.

Of course, key to the ridiculous popularity of the show was its brilliant writing and the core six characters who forever anchored the series. In that group of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe, audiences were given six of the all-time great sitcom characters – with their antics, adventures and general idiocy making for fantastic TV.

While Friends is rightly synonymous with those six names, the show also served up some great supporting players to stand alongside its titular buddies. Whether these characters were merely one-and-done affairs (quite literally, at times) or figures who actually got to appear for several episodes, Friends had a revolving roster of guest stars that few other shows could ever match.

How well do you remember the supporting characters, semi-regular faces, or brief cameo players of Friends’ ten season? Only a true Friends die-hard fan will be able to fare well on this quiz, and we’ll soon find out whether you’re as bad with names and faces as poor Joey Tribbiani was when it came to remembering his ex-girlfriends and hook-ups.

1. Which Friends Character Is This?


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