Friends Quiz: Can You Complete These Phoebe Buffay Quotes?

“I’m very wise, I know.”

Friends Phoebe

In Friends, Phoebe Buffay is always full of weird and wonderful words.

The naturally quirky member of the gang, Phoebe has lived a strange life. After her father left and her mother died when she was a teenager, Phoebe always had to look after herself. After living on the streets of New York she eventually trained as a massage therapist and moved in with her grandmother.

A self proclaimed psychic we saw Phoebe have a strong connection with spirituality. She senses her friend in pencils, felt her mother's spirit in a cat and even felt the soul of a woman who died on her massage table enter her body.

Phoebe's tough life has given her a wonderful sense of humour. She is great at saying what she thinks, giving quick put downs and making unusual observations. Her outgoing joy, toughness and ability to not take life so seriously makes her the member of the Friends gang we all fell in love with.

Phoebe Buffay has so many amazing quotes, but just how well do you know them? This quiz takes all your favourite Phoebe sayings and all you have to do is complete the missing sections. Will you prove to be the ultimate Phoebe fan? Let's find out!

1. "She’s Your ____."


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