Friends Quiz: Only A Super Fan Can Fill In The Gaps Of These Janice Quotes!

This Friends quiz is all about filling in the gaps from Janice’s (oft-annoying) dialogue.

Janice Friends

Friends has likely the greatest central cast in the history of television. In its core six, this series had something for everybody, and each of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe brought totally different quirks to the table.

Those six characters have some of the most memorable moments ever committed to a television screen, and the popularity of Friends has never once waned – as shown by how ridiculously rewatchable the constant reruns seen across the world are, even 17 years after the show concluded.

Another element of Friends’ success, though, were the supporting faces and cameo players who were often along for the ride with the series’ main six characters. And on that front, one of the most unforgettable of the bunch was (and is!) Maggie Wheeler’s Janice.

Janice is best known for her on-off romance with Chandler Bing, yet she was far more than just that – as shown by her 19 appearances across nine of Friends’ ten seasons.

How well do you remember those appearances, then? Hopefully extremely well, for this quiz is all about filling in the gaps from Janice’s (oft-annoying) dialogue.

1. Be Honest, Do You Want Me To Sing ‘Careless Whisper’ Or ____?


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