Friends Quiz: Only Ross Will Get 100% On This Rachel Quiz!

Does your Rachel knowledge rival that of the holiday armadillo?


In any sitcom there are two major necessities that have to be done to have an audience hooked to your show. They are the ability to have the audience relate to and care about your characters and to provide a journey for you to feel like you are a part of. With Rachel, Friends had absolutely nailed both of those.

At the very beginning there was sympathy for Rachel as we met her on the day of her failed wedding, confused and alone in New York. Fear of the future and the unknown is something anybody could relate to. From there on wards we experienced the growth of her character into the strong successful and independent woman we found ourselves with, laughing and crying through every triumph and pitfall along the way.

They may have had more back and forth's than a game of tennis, but her one constant that knew her better than anyone was Ross. Do you think you can rival his knowledge when it comes to Rachel?

Answers at the end!

1. At Her Ex-Fiance's Wedding, What Song Did Rachel Sing?


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