Friends Quiz: Who Did Chandler Do This To - Monica Or Janice?

Was it Monica Geller-Hyphen-Bing or Just Janice?

Chandler and monica/Chandler and janice

Even though most fans think that Monica Geller was the main woman who completely won over Chandler Bing's heart, some fans split sides when it comes to first love, Janice.

You can't help but adore this crazy woman with her weird laugh and affectionate love phrases. And there goes Chandler, unconfident and immature at times, dreading commitment like death, falling for not just one, but two amazing women. It just proves that it takes no more than a right woman, a nice dinner or a right moment to change your perspective on any relationship.

And even though Chandler and Monica provided some of the sweetest, most adorable, and totally swoon-worthy moments of the entire show, Janice definitely added some chilly pepper. We're talking of flings that can grow into lifelong commitment and serious relationships.

It's now time to see if you can tell these crazy gals apart. Were you Team Monica or Team Janice? Check out this quiz and see who the most sarcastic guy on the show did it to. Warning: it's going to get a bit cheesy!

Answers at the end!

1. Who Did He Accidentally Poke In The Eye?


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