Friends Quiz: Who Lied About It – Ross, Chandler Or Joey?

Was it Geller, Bing or Tribbiani?

Friends Quiz

Friends is a strange old beast.

It goes without saying that this is one of the most successful, popular and rewatchable shows in TV history, with many fans passionately cheering on the adventures of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe to this very day. The thing is, when you really think about Friends’ ten-season run, you start to realise that all six of those core characters could be quite the d*ck at times.

Homing in on the three male leads of the show here, Ross, Chandler and even Joey all had their moments when they were quite simply horrible people. In particular, the character of Ross is one that’s not aged that well when revisiting Friends – with him coming across as a possessive, aggressive, selfish, homophobic prick on numerous occasions.

As a whole, Friends is a series that’s overflowing with lies. Each and every main character – and plentiful supporting players, to be fair – have an awful habit of telling porky pies on a scarily frequent basis throughout the show’s ten years.

With that in mind, then, who lied about the following things – was it Ross, Chandler or Joey?!

1. Who Lied About Getting A Marriage Annulment After A Drunken Vegas Wedding?


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