Friends Quiz: Who Said It – Monica, Rachel Or Phoebe?

Can you identify whether it was Monica, Rachel or Phoebe who said each of these famous quotes!


One could make an extremely valid argument that no show in the history of television had as great an ensemble cast of characters as Friends – and front and centre for so much of that iconic sitcom’s greatest moments were Monica Geller, Rachel Green and Phoebe Buffay.

While clearly being the bestest of, well, friends, this trio were all utterly unique and each brought something very different to the table.

In Courteney Cox’s Monica we had the neurotic control freak. With Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel there was the feisty, often self-involved persona. And then there’s Phoebe, who was equal parts an idiot, equal parts smart as a fox, and equal parts just as likely to mug you as she was to sing one of her songs.

These three characters were behind many of Friends’ very best moments and exchanges, but how well do you really remember the antics of this threesome?

Here, there’s a quiz that only the genuinely huge fans of Friends will excel on, as there’s a slew of famed Friends quotes here – you just have to identify whether it was Monica, Rachel or Phoebe who said each of these lines of dialogue!

1. Vanilla? I'm Not Vanilla! I Do Lots Of Crazy Things. I Mean, I Got Drunk And Married In Vegas.


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