Friends Quiz: Who Said It To Joey - Monica, Rachel Or Phoebe?

Here come the meat sweats!

Friends Joey

Joey Tribbiani is a name that is never going to be forgotten.

One of the main characters in the '90s hit sitcom, Friends, Joey was an optimistic young man who preferred not to think too much about problems... or anything really.

While there have been many setbacks in his acting career over the years, his reputation with women certainly developed. His famous catchphrase "How You Doin'" is used by fans still to this day.

This handsome and talented young man cannot imagine his life without food and beautiful women. Yet, the most important women in his life were Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe. They were always supportive of Joey and loved him for his gold heart and childish antics.

Although this quartet of wonderful friends were extremely different in their personalities and outlooks on life, they definitely had the best dialogues on the show. As weird as they were together, many of their quotes were smart and at the same time hilarious. But for now, it's time to remember who said these quotes to Joey - was it Monica, Rachel, or Phoebe?

1. “I Don’t Even Know How I Would Go About It."


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