Friends Quiz: Who Said This To Chandler - Monica Or Janice?

These questions will make you say "! I know!"

Friends Chandler

Through the ten year run of the fan-favourite show Friends, fans saw Monica Geller and Chandler Bing declaring each other the love of their lives, and moving on to a new house to start a new chapter in their lives.

But before Monica and Chandler were definite endgames, Monica was dating different men (and she could've ended up with Richard, if not for his decision making). In contrast, Chandler had several girlfriends before settling down.

While some might argue that Kathy was a good match for Chandler, or even Marjorie and Aurora were good choices, no women came close to defining Chandler Bing's love life like Monica and Janice.

While Janice was over the top annoying and a bit toxic at times, fans still loved her character. However, there's no denying the love for Chandler and Monica's story (Mondler) - two best friends turned lovers, a fairytale love story.

And whether you are on team Janice or team Monica, only a true (truly dedicated, truly observant) Friends fan can remember who said this to Chandler. Test your Friends know-how and see if you are the ultimate Monica-Chandler-Janice know it all.

1. "Goodnight My Bing-A-Ling."


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