Friends: The Progressively Harder Joey Tribbiani True Or False Quiz

How You Doin'?

Friends Joey

Friends is the top of most leaderboards when it comes to ratings, awards, and just about everything else in between. The main reason for the shows enormous success is a lot to do with its credible casing. Matt LeBlanc gained huge popularity thanks to his role as Joseph Francis "Joey" Tribbiani. It not only became his first significant role but also helped him succeed in life.

Joey Tribbiani lived in downtown New York but also declared himself as 1/16 Portuguese. This is probably where he gets his love of food, and great emotionality from.

He is an actor that came to conquer the film sets of New York. This often meant that he was always in debt, ate from the refrigerator of his friend Monica and went on endless amounts of auditions. In this business, as in life in general, he relies on personal charisma and ingenuity. Although he has difficulty in mathematics and other exact sciences, he can teach anyone how to communicate with women.

The question we have for Friends fans today is, just how well do you remember Big Daddy? Can you ace this true or false quiz that even Joey himself would struggle to pass?

1. Joey Has Seven Sisters.


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