Futurama: 10 Most Underrated Episodes

9. A Clone Of My Own

Futurama A Leela Of Her Own
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Halfway through season two, Futurama added a new main character to the established Planet Express crew, in an episode that is very much overlooked by fans who didn't like him.

When the Professor decided to name a successor for all the inventions he would leave half invented when the Sunset Squad came to take him away, he developed himself a clone from a growth on his back. Cubert was supposed to be something fresh for Futurama, but many people didn't warm to him at all.

The obnoxious character immediately came in and pointed out all of the plot holes in the show, questioning why the Planet Express space captain had only one eye, and why the company needed a bending unit. Yes, Cubert may be an annoying character, with 'A Clone of My Own' going down in the estimation of many fans because of him, but that was exactly the point.

He was introduced to the show as a gag, to be a smart mouth and make light of the things that never quite made sense in the year 3000. If you take any bad feelings toward the Professor's clone out of the equation, what you're left with is a very enjoyable episode of Futurama.

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