Game Of Thrones: 10 Bizarre Fan Theories You Won't Believe

9. Arya Is The Serving Girl That Answers The Door During Kevan Lannister's Murder

Arya The last chapter in A Dance With Dragons has Ser Kevan Lannister being summoned to Pycelle€™s chambers. A serving girl, described as a skinny thing, opens the door so he may gain entrance. As soon as he enters, he is attacked. He notices that Pycelle is already dead, and that he is not alone in the room. Varys reveals himself and explains that he must die, as he is impeding with Varys€™ plans. After all is revealed, Kevan is attacked by a group of boys and girls. Now we know that Arya had been in Braavos to train as Faceless Man, and had already been charged with her first kill, at which she succeeded. It only stands to reason that she would now be sent on new missions to comply with the orders€™ wishes. If we buy into that Varys is a Faceless Man, than it would not be a stretch that he would have Arya return to King€™s Landing to do some of his bidding.

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