Game Of Thrones: 10 Bizarre Fan Theories You Won't Believe

8. Tywin Lannister Knew Of The Plan To Murder Joffrey

Joffrey Many fans believe that Tywin (Grandfather and Hand of the King to Joffrey) was well aware of the Tyrell€™s plan to murder Joffrey at the €œPurple Wedding€. It stands to reason that the Tyrells hatched the plot to murder the King, since they had to most to gain by his demise. But what would Tywin have to gain? Joffrey€™s sudden rise to power brought many follies with it. We have the foolishness such as removing Ned Stark€™s head and his fleeing to within the castle walls during the battle of Blackwater Bay, just to name a couple. These impulsive and selfish moves caused discord within the kingdom and clearly did not fall in with Tywin€™s plans. Joffrey is far too headstrong, and his mother has no control over his actions, with Tywin being left to try and clean up the mess time and again. We also see in the series and within the books that Joffrey has little to no respect for his elders and has attempted to chastise his Grandfather in several ways. Although the thinking is that there is no man who is as cursed as a kinslayer, since he did not actually have a hand in it, he likely feels his conscience is clean. Since Tywin would also have his own little birds in the castle, it is not hard to believe that he caught wind of the plot. And although Joffrey is his own blood, he likely thought it was best to cut his losses and allow the rules of succession to seat Tommen on the throne. He was a much gentler soul and without the vicious cruel streak that Joffrey has, nor the conniving ways of his mother Cersei. This way Tywin can rule in Tommen€™s stead until he comes of age, which gives Tywin several years to shape and rule the Kingdom as he sees fit.

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