Game Of Thrones: 10 Bizarre Fan Theories You Won't Believe

5. Tywin Was Poisoned By The Red Viper

Tywin Some readers believe that it was not just Tyrion that put an end to his father€™s tyranny. There are those that are convinced that Tywin was first poisoned by Oberyn Martell. We know that The Red Viper wants revenge for the murder of his sister Elia, and has been promised the head of Gregor Clegane as recompense. He also states that he also wants revenge on the one that gave the order. We all know that it was Tywin that gave the orders, and not impossible to believe that Oberyn also found this out. Since Oberyn would have had opportunity to poison him, and he wants revenge, and he is known to use poison as a method of getting rid of his enemies, it is really not a stretch. Tyrion finds his father on the privy on the morning he looses a quarrel into his stomach. Was he possibly there because his bowels were raging? Grand Maester Pycelle speaks of €œwidow€™s blood€, a poison known to attack this region of the body. No doubt that the Red Viper would also know of this substance. Possibly the biggest hint is the fact that Tywin€™s body was in such a bad state of decay during his funeral, that the stench was over powering. If he had been given an poison that was rotting him from the inside out, he could already be in such a state of decay, that it appeared advanced to those that had to suffer being close to the body.

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