Game Of Thrones Season 8 Finale: Every Survivor's Ending Ranked Worst To Best

Returning characters, promising departures and a Brave New World...

Brienne Game Of Thrones

There was definitely a sense, not even so long ago, that Game Of Thrones would end with a pile of bodies and absolutely nobody that anyone even remotely liked still alive. It's what we'd all been emotionally trained for over the previous seven seasons and this final one was always going to be bloodier, more emotionally draining and more spectacular.

However you feel about the final season - and boy, do we know, since nobody can have an unexpressed negative thought about it - we ended up with a far happier conclusion than anyone could have predicted. And that meant a lot more survivors - some particularly surprising - who won the Great Game (after all, you either win or you die), but even then, they all won to different degrees.

There were some missing characters, like Nymeria, Meera Reed, Hot Pie and Daario Naharis (to mention only a few) who we can assume are all fine, surviving in their own worlds, but they don't belong on this list. Their endings were either implied or happened outside of the final season.

So who survived and who got the best ending of all of them?

18. Edmure Tully

Game of Thrones Edmure Tully

Let's all be perfectly honest here: nobody expected to see Edmure Tully in the finale and certainly not in a position of power. And yet there he was, presumably having been freed by Arya from the dungeons of The Twins and throwing his hat into the ring to be the king of The Seven Kingdoms.

Because of course he would.

Tully actually being shown alive is about as good an ending as he deserved, given what he did last time he was active, and for him to still be considered a power player in the Seven Kingdoms is a massive win for him. Sadly, it was undermined slightly when Sansa basically cut him off root and stem in front of all of his friends.


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