Game Of Thrones: 12 New Characters Set For Season 5

12. Prince Doran Martell

After three seasons of warring largely based upon political dynamics introduced in the very first episode of the series, Season 4 saw the emergence of the Dornish Martells as new players in the game of thrones. At first, it was somewhat difficult to muster any enthusiasm for yet another vengeful noble family. Then, Pedro Pascal roguishly charmed his way into the fray as Prince Oberyn, and viewers suddenly had a new good guy to root for. So, naturally, he died a gruesome and traumatising death only seven episodes later, but Oberyn's presence will be felt into Season 5 as his elder brother enters the scene. Prince Doran Martell - briefly alluded to when Tyrion expressed surprise that he had sent Oberyn in his stead to Joffrey's wedding - will become a key figure in the conflict of the Seven Kingdoms. Less hotheaded and impulsive than the Red Viper, the wheelchair-bound ruler of Dorne will engage in the intrigue from a distance, choosing strategy and forethought over an outright quest for revenge. Nevertheless, the murdered Elia was his sister as much as Oberyn's, and the deaths of both of his siblings at the hands of Lannisters leave little doubt that Doran will not be turning the other cheek. All hints thus far indicate that the show will continue the trend begun with Pedro Pascal and cast Latino actors to play the Dornish; whosever lands the role of Prince Doran will have the uneviable task of creating a character who must follow in the footsteps of the popular Oberyn. Still, with all of the power of Dorne (as well as the fate of Princess Myrcella) in his hands, Doran is bound to be a fascinating addition. Besides, there will be other characters to carry on Oberyn's legacy, which brings us to...

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