Gotham: 10 Reasons The Court Of Owls Will Enhance The Show

9. The Night Of Owls

Gotham looks to be making good on its promise of more serialized story-telling, as last seasons abrupt extension led to a lot of 'done in one' episodes. With The Court of Owls now confirmed, the creators can begin slowly building towards a Batman story-line called Night of the Owls. Written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Greg Capullo, the greatest odd couple in comic book history, Night of Owls pits Batman and his allies against the Court as they attempt to cement their control over Gotham, by assassinating various important targets and painting the town white. The Night of Owls story-line was all encompassing across the Batman family, with each character forced to take on the Court, like Lindsay Lohan after a bender. With Gotham becoming more serialized, each season will need an end game and The Night of Owls provides just that. It is a story-line that will allow the writers to incorporate many of the characters and include them in stories from the event that can be adjusted to suit the show's continuity. A two-part Night of the Owls finale to a season that focuses on the Court finally stretching their wings and attempting to take over would be very entertaining indeed.
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