Hannibal Season 3: 10 Biggest Rumours You Must Hear

9. Dolarhyde, Murasaki And Pazzi

These characters have been confirmed in cast lists, which has gotten the audience wondering if they€™ll be like their movie and novel counterparts or not. It looks like Dolarhyde won€™t be very different than the sharp-toothed, serial killing Blake fan who eats ancient illustrations from both the novel and film Red Dragon. His crimes exist without need for temporal confinement; thus, he should stay relatively close to the original. Hopefully, he€™ll still go after Will and his family, building on an already tense storyline. Lady Murasaki, in print Hannibal's aunt, will have to have a different story from Hannibal Rising, given the extreme disparity of age between Mads Mikkelson€™s Hannibal and Tao Okamoto€™s Murasaki. There's still a 20-year difference in age, but it's reversed for the show; Lady Murasaki is the youthful one in this instance. This will lend a strange dynamic to any relationship that may develop between the two of them. In the Hannibal movie, Detective Pazzi is a disgraced Italian detective who aims to collect the bounty placed on Hannibal€™s head by Mason Verger before being gutted and hanged by Hannibal in reference to the Pazzi conspirators. This season is already covering details from Hannibal Rising and Red Dragon, so its unclear what role will he'll play? Rumours claim that the show will see Pazzi prior to his failure on the Il Mostro case, maybe even working with Will to apprehend Hannibal.

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