HBO Producing All Elite Wrestling Special, WWE Responds To AEW At Tuesday's SmackDown Live Event

All Elite Wrestling's Jacksonville rally continues to dominate discussion...

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Further to announcing a host of major talents acquisitions and ALL IN follow-up show Double Or Nothing in May, yesterday's All Elite Wrestling rally in Jacksonville proffered a host of other news tidbits on the burgeoning new promotion.

It was noted by's Doug Enriquez that HBO were in Florida to film the presser for a special on the group, and though some speculated that this could be the same Canadian team working on a piece on Kenny Omega, the absence of 'The Best Bout Machine' implied that the focus was clearly on Cody, The Young Bucks et al.

Shortly after the conference concluded, a story broken by PostWrestling's John Pollock (and later other outlets based on additional audience accounts) noted how fans sporting All Elite Wrestling merchandise were barred from entering the SmackDown Live taping down the road at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.

Conflicting reports flooded in afterwards, with some being refused entry whilst others were permitted access as long as they purchased WWE merchandise to wear over top of their AEW attire. Videos later surfaced of fans being allowed entry after WWE reps responded to the bans by noting that people were, in fact, "not banned".

WWE's first response couldn't have gone any better for all involved in All Elite. Whilst the rally played to broadly positive feedback in spite of ropey production, little does more for a brand in pro wrestling than when it (either by design or happy accident) bloodies the nose of the industry standard.

Away from coverage and controversy, the company's financial structure was again touched upon after initial statements suggesting that AEW talent would be paid differently. Whilst company chief Tony Khan muttered platitudes about "top staff" contracts, it was Brandi Rhodes' comment on equality on pay between men and women.

As part of her introduction of Britt Baker as the group's first female star, AEW's Chief Brand Officer made the remark on wages without drilling into further details at present.

HBO's interest along with the huge response to the likes of Chris Jericho and PAC's positions within the group may not yet have "Changed The Universe", but, for one night at least, it was shook.

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