How I Met Your Mother: 10 Worst Things Lily Ever Did

Her loud chewing doesn't even begin to cover it...


Everyone knows Lily Aldrin as the glue that holds the gang together. Often, she is the voice of reason, the advice giver who tries to keep all her friends in place. Everything she does is out of love for the people she cares for her. You couldn’t imagine the How I Met Your Mother gang without Lily.

But at the same time… she’s also the worst, isn’t she? At least some of the time.

Aside from being needlessly aggressive, Lily is often very selfish, manipulative and usually only thinks for herself. Being a kindergarten teacher, she’d often apply her Kindergarten rules on to the adults around her and it came across as very patronising.

A lot of the time, she would insult her friends and seemingly get away it. Even worse, she was a terrible partner to Marshall often berating him for his life decisions whilst being massively hypocritical herself.

In fairness, Lily did a lot of good deeds for her friends which ultimately changed the course of their lives for the better. And all of the characters had their flaws, not just her. But that still doesn’t excuse some of the things she did over the years.


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