How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Robin Scherbatsky - True Or False?

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On the outside Robin Scherbatsky is one cigar-smoking tough cookie, but deep down she is a real big softie.

Robin's character grew a lot over the course of the show, more so than any of the others. She started out as a strong, independent woman who valued her own company and was against getting into committed relationships. She later become less guarded and allowed people to see the real Robin.

Two people who really got to know Robin were Ted and Barney. Ted confessed his love for Robin as soon as he meets her, telling Barney that he would marry her someday. Little did he know that eight years later she would actually be walking down the aisle with Barney. But true love always wins in the end right?

How well do you know Robin Scherbatsky? Can you tell if the following statements are true or false?

Answers at the end!

1. Robin Was Born In Canada.

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