How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It - Lily Or Barney?

Was it Lilypad or Diaper Man?

How I Met Your Mother

The characters of the legendary show How I Met Your Mother all had different dynamics with each other. Some were best friends from college, some were dating, some hardly seemed to interact at all. One of the strongest and unique friendships was between Barney and Lily.

Despite the fact that Barney was a serial womaniser and viciously rejected any form of commitment, Lily was the only person to see through his act and always wanted to make him a better person.

At first sight, there was no similarity between these two. Barney was energetic, adventurous, and reckless. On the contrary Lily was a calm, mature, and responsible person. However, if fans take a closer look, they will understand the similarities of these crazy friends. They were both raised in New York, they were both sexually ravenous, and they were both opportunists.

Throughout the entire show, Lily and Barney had the funniest and most playful relationships of all. Remember when Barney spent 40 minutes saying the word "moist" to irritate Lily? Or how they always made crazy bets?

Well, let's not forget the iconic "World's Greatest Couple" and find out whether these quotes were said by Lily or Barney?

Answers at the end!

1. “It's Just, Eventually We're All Gonna Move On. It's Called Growing Up.”


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