It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Worst Episode From Every Season

These episodes treated fans the same way the gang treats Rickety Cricket!

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

You win some, you lose some, and in the case of the Always Sunny gang, they end up on the losing end quite often.

Always Sunny is a sitcom like no other. It's a raunchy and gritty series that doesn't just give you a change from the typical tropes of the genre but reinvents and subverts them as well. It pokes fun at all the right things and has become one of the most beloved comedy shows on TV. It's also still going strong, with the 15th season inbound.

However, while the majority of the series has been an overwhelming success, the seeds of failure often seep themselves in, leading to a slew of moments that have you scratching your head rather than giggling maniacally.

Although Always Sunny has seen its fair share of bad episodes - hell, what do you expect from a show that's run for 14 seasons? - there's still gold even in the worst of their outings. With that being said, there's no denying that the following episodes from each season are ones you'll probably want to skip when revisiting this iconic anti-sitcom.

14. Season 1 - Gun Fever

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The first season of Always Sunny is awkward but still a lot of fun. There's some great promise in it, but overall the characters and show feel half baked. This episode falls victim to that.

"Gun Fever" shows as the gang become trigger happy after the bar gets robbed. They become obsessed with their new firearm, and grow suspicious of Dee's new boyfriend.

Seeing Always Sunny tackle the subject of guns is always a recipe for success, but it didn't come together in this first tease of the issue. While most of the characters are great - particularly Charlie and his threats to his landlord - the episode falls short thanks to the involvement of Colin (Dee's boyfriend), who becomes the glue that holds the episode together, but isn't very fun.

The man is dry and dull. Even when you get a hint of humour (such as his odd fetish from watching Dee fire a gun), he still drags the energy and pacing of the episode down, making it a bit of a slog to sit through.

It's not awful by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly the worst that series one had to offer.


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