It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: This Theory About The Waitress Will Blow Your Mind

Has Charlie mixed up The Waitress and Dee this whole time? 

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Guys! Get Carol from HR on the line, because this theory is going to blow the show wide open. Wide open, you hear!

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia has always attracted various conspiracy theories, from Dennis murdering Brian LeFevre to Cricket, a former priest, being tortured by god in the form of dogs (what's dog backwards, after all?). Fans are so invested in the writing and characters of the series that they pick up on tiny details and find enough evidence to back up their own unique theories and ideas.

I, for one, am no different. After countless hours watching and rewatching this amazing show I too stumbled across something equally as shocking as Charlie's pursuit of the notorious Pepe Silvia (except this theory has far more evidence). The theory in question is about Charlie's relationship with The Waitress and how it is all a front for something a lot deeper.

This theory will shine a light on Charlie's odd relationship with The Waitress and prove that, despite his obsession with her, he isn't actually in love with her. There is proof that Charlie is confusing his feelings for The Waitress with the person he truly loves: Dee Reynolds.

9. A Bit Of Background

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The Waitress (played by Mary Elizabeth Ellis who, interestingly, is Charlie Day's real wife) has been a recurring character since season 1. Throughout the show she is seen dealing with homelessness, alcoholism, and extremely low self-esteem and, to make matters worse, she had done the deed with Dennis AND Frank before eventually sleeping with Charlie in season 12.

Charlie's relationship with The Waitress is strained to say the least. She has frequently told him that she is not interested, she has filed restraining orders against him and treats him like dirt when they eventually do get together. This is where things start to get interesting.

It is alluded to that The Gang and The Waitress have known each other since High School and Charlie has always had a crush on her from afar, but when things begin to get "real" between them, Charlie realises that The Waitress is not all that he thinks she is, causing him to lose interest in her.

Is this a simple case of a dog chasing a car and not knowing what to do when it catches up with traffic? Perhaps. This theory doesn't dispute Charlie's passion but it shows that it's simply directed at the wrong person...


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