Love, Death, And Robots Season 1: 5 Ups And 2 Downs

6. Down: No Clear Overarching Themes


While LD&R deals with many different scenarios, types of people, and stories, there isn't a clear theme or message below the surface like the equally-bleak Black Mirror. During most of these either action-packed or character-driven tales, there was never really much to dig into on a deeper level.

The shorter runtimes on each are partially to blame for this (there's only so much to say in the limited time) but even the longer form episodes don't really inspire much discussion. Since this show adopts much of Black Mirror's tropes (short to-the-point intro, dark/sharply-comic tone, morbidly-honest worldview), you'd hope for some quality social commentary to dig into.

Certain episodes are worth examining and discussion (Beyond The Aquila Rift, Zima Blue, to name a few), but they're the exception, not the norm. Most of the season boils down to straightforward action/thrillers. Well-done ones, but relatively-shallow feeling shorts nonetheless.

Onto the positives then...


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