Marvel's Iron Fist: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

13. The Ending

Iron Fist Ending

After discovering the evil plans of Bakuto, Danny and Colleen take the latter's sensei out while Davos watches, in a surprisingly well-choreographed fight scene in the rain, with Colleen striking the killer blow. Danny's rival Davos then turns on Danny, realising he will not return to K'Un-Lun when he has Colleen anchoring to the "real world", and scarpers into the night when Danny beats him up. They turn around and wouldn't you know it, Bakuto has pulled a Michael Myers and disappeared.

The duo then attempt to clear Danny's name after Harold has allowed him to be implicated in Rand's heroin dealings, only to discover that the only evidence is as difficult to get to as the heavily armed Harold. Inevitably, a major show-down kicks off violently, Harold flees to the rooftop and makes a final stand, he and Danny fight and then Ward steps in to kill his father when Danny realises murder is not the answer.

Knowing he has a nasty habit of returning from the dead, Ward cremates his father, takes over Rand himself and offers Danny a job. He refuses, expressing his intent to return to K'U-Lun (defying Davos' anger at him immediately) and invites Colleen along. Because there's nothing sacred monks tolerate more than sexual relationships.

Sadly, when they make their way to the gates, K'Un-Lun is destroyed, and there are dead Hand footsoldiers all over the place. The Iron Fist has failed, and now he has Joy Meacham, Davos and Madame Gao all wanting him dead. But what does this all mean?

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