Marvel's The Punisher Season 2: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

8. The Ending

Punisher Jon Bernthal

While The Punisher doesn't quite manage to juggle its twin storylines, it does succeed in wrapping them both up in the finale.

Billy Russo is severely wounded by Dinah Midani (Amber Revah Rose), and finds refuge in the basement of Curtis' apartment building. That's where Frank turns up and, cold as anything, executes his former friend. The body is then found by Madani, Curtis, and Mahoney, with neither of the former prepared to give Frank up.

Along with that, Frank has to deal with Pilgrim and co, with the reveal that he was just a puppet for the Schultz family. After a brutal fight between Frank and Pilgrim, the former gets their address and kills Eliza, with Anderson then committing suicide. Pilgrim goes his own way, before Frank arranges for Amy to leave New York and head down to Florida, where she can fulfil her dream of diving and, more importantly, be safe.

It then cuts to three months later, where Madani is working for the CIA and looking to recruit Frank. He turns her down, though, because he has his own job going on. He then walks in on a pair of rival gangs meeting, killing everyone in sight. In loving memory of Stan Lee indeed.


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