MCU: Ranking Every Netflix Marvel Season Worst To Best

12. Iron Fist Season 1

Iron Fist Finn Jones

Prior to Iron Fist's arrival, it seemed like Netflix and Marvel's partnership could do no wrong. Luke Cage may have struggled in the second half of its first season, and likewise Daredevil Season 2, but still all of the shows up to that point were largely acclaimed by fans and critics alike, and generated huge amounts of hype.

Iron Fist, the last hero to arrive before The Defenders, changed that. With Game of Thrones' Finn Jones in the title role, the show sadly had very little to do or say; the plot, such as there was one, was stretched thin even by Netflix standards, Jones' charisma-less performance was more Danny Bland than Danny Rand, the villains - and there were a lot of them - unfocused, undeveloped, and uninteresting, and worst of all the fight scenes, which should've been the saving grace, were horribly choreographed.

It's not all bad: Jessica Henwick's Colleen Wing is a legitimately excellent addition to the universe, and the Drunken Master-esque fight scene with Lewis Tan's Zhou Cheng is gloriously entertaining, but between the Hand and the Immortal Iron Fist, this is punching well below its weight.


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