Metropolis: 10 Things The Superman Prequel Must Include

Less Gotham, more Daredevil.

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DC's very own streaming service gathered more momentum this week, with news of a Superman prequel, called Metropolis, being developed by Gotham producers John Stephens and Danny Cannon for a 2019 release.

Gotham might get a bad rap (justifiably in parts, in others, not so much), but news of a Supes prequel shouldn't be dismissed out of hand so easily. Some of the best stories revolving around the Man of Steel have focused entirely on his supporting cast, and with Lois Lane an icon in her own right, the last son of Krypton need not be present for Metropolis to be a success.

There are certain things the series must do though, and with Gotham having as many successes as it has failures, it's clear that DC's superhero prequels have a lot to learn - and change - to compete with the likes of Marvel's Netflix shows, which continue to outclass the competition even when they're at their supposed worst.

The odds might be stacked against Metropolis' favour, but with DC's new service boasting the Titans and now Lois Lane too, fans need not be so skeptical. Even if it is a Netflix too many.

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