Money Heist: 10 Most Insane Fan Theories

9. The Whole Story Is Happening Inside Tokyo's Head

Money Heist

Of all the insane Money Heist theories to make the rounds, this one is probably the most out there. Tokyo’s backstory is as tragic as they come. She lost a person very close to her, her then boyfriend, in a bank robbery.

Watching the man she loved get shot right before her eyes, obviously left a deep scar on her mind.

However, did that scar manifest in the form of an elaborate hallucination?

It might just be the case, if this theory is to be believed. The idea here is that in order to process the trauma of losing the man she loved in a bank robbery, her brain concocted a story where a bank robbery goes right, thus correcting the wrongs from her real life experience.

While this is purely circumstantial, this would go some way toward explaining her apparent joy at sacrificing herself for her friends. She watched her beloved die, while being powerless to do anything about it. This time, she would be the one single-handedly ensuring most of her crew are able to get away.

This was her conjuring the ending she was denied in reality.

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