Moon Knight: Every Main Character Ranked From Worst To Best

9. Ammit

Moon Knight Marc Spector
Marvel Studios

Though she didn’t appear in the first five episodes of Moon Knight, not truly at least, Ammit was technically the big bad of the show. It may have been Harrow that butted heads with Moon Knight in trying to resurrect her, but it was she that would ultimately take the souls of people who hadn’t even committed any crime yet.

This was the moral question that was posed throughout Moon Knight. Should the punishment come before the crime? Ammit would have judged Hitler and stopped him before anyone was killed, but in that she would take choice and free will away from the world.

It's an interesting question, and she and Khonshu were very close in their ways and methods, though they differed on the key issue of when their punishment should come. Of course, this all boiled down to a huge fight in Cairo between the two gods.

Ammit's design, like all of the gods in the show, was outstanding, and her reveal was absolutely worth the wait. However, to say that she had her own reasons for her way of life, and grew to be the size of the Great Pyramid itself, she was dispatched and defeated relatively easily before being able to enjoy too much screen time.


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