Netflix's The Order: 12 Questions That Must Be Answered In Season 2

6. Will The Knights Discover The Alpha Hide?

The Order Questions

Continuing the subject of possible allies, Season 2 could easily see the introduction of two additional werewolves. The first would be Silverback's new champion, since Jack decides to keep Midnight. Since the Knights' possessions are now property of Vera Stone, Silverback's next champion may even come from within The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose.

This could make for an interesting storyline, but not nearly as interesting as the second werewolf possibility: Alpha.

Hamish only learns about Silverback's bond with the Vade Maecum after reading a text penned by Grafton Davis, former champion of the Alpha hide. None of the Knights are familiar with this name. Up to this point, the only hides known to them were Midnight, Silverback, Tundra, Greybeard, and Timber. While intrigued, the Knights are preoccupied with their mission to stop Edward and do not have time to discuss the Alpha revelation any further.

Since hides do not appear to die (or at the very least have a much longer lifespan than their champions), the Alpha hide must still lie dormant somewhere. Furthermore, it may not be the only one.

The Knights only recently began reading up on their own history, so it's quite possible that the Alpha hide is only the first in a series of far greater revelations to be made in Season 2. The Knights may not only discover a new hide, but may also find that the Knights were once a much larger organization than previously thought. This actually makes a lot more sense than believing that the entirety of the werewolf population consists of half a dozen hides in New England.


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