Recasting The Stargate Atlantis Reboot

9. Timothée Chalamet As Michael Kenmore

Natalie Martinez Stargate Atlantis Teyla Emmagan
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Michael, played by Connor Trinneer, was a surprise villain introduced in season two of Atlantis as an amnesiac crew member of Atlantis. Over the span of his first episode, Michael tried to remember who he was and attempt to get back into his old life. However, over the episode's runtime, Michael began to uncover the truth about who he really was.

In fact, Michael was not a member of Atlantis' crew, he wasn't even human. Michael was a experiment conducted on a Wraith solider using a method developed by the Ancients in an attempt to end the war by converting the wraith into their prey

Michael escaped his captivity by the humans and slowly began to revert back into his Wraith form, though not completely. Michael became a hybrid monster, an enemy to both Humans and Wraith, and would continue to be a menace to the galaxy for the rest of Atlantis' five-season run.

While Michael became a monster, his story also had a tinge of tragedy, as he was taken against his will and experimented on by our supposed heroes, turning him into a monster shunned by everyone he ever knew.

That tragedy mixed with ultimate malice could be portrayed excellently by Timothée Chalamet, who has shown off his acting props in sci-fi settings and has shown his diversity in playing a loveable goof and a horrific cannibal. This background could help to give Michael a great dual personality as he struggles to understand himself and his place in the universe.


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