Riverdale: 10 Characters Who Deserve More Love

9. Smithers

Riverdale Josie McCoy
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The warm-hearted butler of the Lodge homestead delivers top-notch service even if the requests involve shady dealings. Smithers keeps tight-lipped about the odd actions within the household, but whenever Veronica needs an encouraging word, he offers them without delay.

Hiram Lodge's criminal behavior damages numerous aspects of Veronica's life. With Hiram in prison, Veronica lacks a dependable and positive adult male to go to for guidance.

Fatherly figure Smithers proves to be a fine substitute, lending an ear to Veronica during delicate matters. He knows that she's unhappy with her domestic problems but he puts everything into perspective for the sullen teenager.

Veronica and mother Hermione routinely go toe-to-toe with each other as Hermoine struggles to deal with the aftermath of Hiram's misdeeds. Instead of mending fences in these instances, Veronica parties and shops her cares away.

Smithers witnesses these events yet he isn't as intrusive as other Riverdale adults. Because of this, Veronica turns to him when the rest of the town belittles her father. Smithers refuses to speak ill of Hiram and reminds her that she has a faithful and loyal mother who'd do anything for her. Veronica and Hemione repair their bond just as Hiram's release from prison gets finalized.

Smithers shuffles in secretive packages for his employers now and again, but there's nothing underhanded about his intentions towards the Lodge ladies. He's consistent in providing them with smiles and sympathy at a moment's notice.

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