Riverdale Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Jughead Jones?

Can you make Jughead proud and solve this quiz?

The CW

Riverdale just wouldn't be Riverdale without Jughead Jones.

Portrayed by Cole Sprouse, the quiet, mildly sarcastic introvert was an instant hit with fans following the show's debut and, although he wasn't even its protagonist, he quickly became its most popular character.

Throughout the show's run, the beanie-wearing teenager has taken it upon himself to solve the many mysteries that Riverdale has thrown his way. He, along with friends Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge have spent the last three seasons solving a teenage murder, unmasking a serial killer and attempting to answer the questions posed by an ancient supernatural game.

Of course, he's managed to do all this while attending high school, protesting the demolition of town landmarks, writing, maintaining a healthy relationship and being the King of the Southside Serpents. He sure gets around, doesn't he?

Nobody loves solving a mystery more than Jughead, but are you capable of solving the mystery that is Jughead? Do you know all there is to know about Riverdale's answer to Holden Caulfield, or are you destined to fail? Test your knowledge and find out...

1. What Is Jughead's Real Name?


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