Riverdale Quiz: Who Said It - Betty Or Veronica?

"Who would've thought, at the beginning of the year, that we would all become great friends?"

Riverdale Quiz
The CW

Since first airing back in 2017, Riverdale has had fans on the edge of their seats in suspense. From the very first episode, we knew that the murder of Jason Blossom was just the start of a mysterious and terrifying story. We soon learned that the residents of Riverdale were far from ordinary.

With the Black Hood revealed to be none other than Betty Cooper's dad, to Edgar Evernever's and his cult farm, the show had us shocked at every turn.

Other than its unpredictable and intriguing storylines, the friendships on the show is what makes Riverdale so popular. While the relationship between Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge didn't start off so well, girl liked boy, boy liked other girl, they soon put their differences aside and became even closer than sisters.

Now that season five has finally arrived on Netflix, what better way to refresh our memories than with a quotes quiz. Betty and Veronica may be like sisters, but they are two very different individuals. Can you tell them apart by just their quotes? Who said the following - was it Berry or was it Veronica?

Answers at the end!

1. "If The Manolo Blahnik Fits."


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