The Simpsons: 12 Shockingly Depressing Character Backstories

2. Hans Moleman

Moleman20th Century FoxHans Moleman may have been the source of a ridiculous amount of laughter since his debut in the show€™s second season but his existence in Springfield is one filled with pain, sorrow and tragedy. Moleman must walk everywhere supported by his wooden cane and is almost entirely blind. These physically ailments combined with his being on the brink of going senile mean that he is very often shown in painful or near-fatal situations €“ this is where practically all of the luckless old timer's jokes come from. In his many appearances on the show we have seen Moleman get hit squarely in the groin with an American football, being drilled in the head by Mr Burns, burning alive and being run over by Homer (both in €˜The Parent Rap€™ and €˜The Simpsons Movie€™). All the physical turmoil Moleman€™s body has been through over the years has clearly taken its toll on his health. He tells us in €˜Duffless€™ that despite his decrepit appearance he is actually only 31-years-old (though he attributes this to his alcoholism).
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