Some Longterm Fans Of Star Trek Are Nervous About Alex Kurtzman - Why, And Is It Fair?

Ever since Kurtzman took over the reins, some longtime fans of Star Trek have been concerned.

Gage Skidmore via Wiki Commons/CBS

Alex Kurtzman is now the head of Star Trek on CBS, after having signed a five-year deal (shout out to the five year mission!) to oversee Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Short Treks, Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks.

There seems to be a large, vocal element of the Star Trek community that is vehemently against Kurtzman's appointment and his continued development of the Trek universe. They cite many reasons for this, ranging from his early career and connection to Michael Bay, to the perceived failure (in terms of canon) of the Kelvin films.

In an attempt to get a better understanding of the opinions out there, a survey was conducted to ascertain the different criticisms and compliments toward Kurtzman, CBS and the new era of Star Trek that we are currently a part of in the world.

While there were many, many replies to the survey, we have whittled the list down here in an attempt to showcase some of the biggest points raised by the fans. Starting with number 10 -

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