Some Longterm Fans Of Star Trek Are Nervous About Alex Kurtzman - Why, And Is It Fair?

10. Who Is Trying To Ruin The Franchise?


One responder said this:

Every creator is trying to do the best they can, so fans being disingenuous about that as if creatives are purposefully trying to “ruin” fandom actually is the thing that ruins fandom. Creatives can succeed or fail, but no one is purposely doing it

This speaks to the vitriolic nature that can sometimes go hand in hand with fandom. There is a fierce protectorate out there who wants to hold on to what they know and care about - this in itself is no crime - but it can become a part of a larger problem.

New creatives coming aboard must now deal with the furore from fans who disagree with the new ideas being inserted into the existing canon. This can cause upset, but the limitations placed on creatives by sticking rigidly to what has come before can seriously hamper new ideas.

These very rules can cause the perceived failures by the creatives, where had they just been given a blank slate, then new and exciting ideas could be with us.

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