South Park: 15 Greatest Ever Episodes

3. Make Love Not Warcraft

Season 10 Episode 8


Character of the Week Randy Marsh is a curious character. For the longest time he was just 'Stan's Dad'. A geologist with few defining characteristics but somewhere along the line Trey Parker just got him. Randy does for middle aged men what the boys do for children. He represents a deep understanding that the creators have for human nature. Whilst the boys can be delightfully naive Randy searches for meaning in his ageing life. Randy's charm is in his ability to latch on to passing arbitrary ideas and take them to the extreme. In his quest to find something in his life to satisfy his bored yet youthful spirit he gets deeply fascinated by cooking or trying to do the biggest poo in the world. Here he's trying to connect with his son through a game he just doesn't quite get, World of Warcraft. Cartman's Wisdom You can just hang around outside in the sun all day, tossing a ball around, or you can sit at your computer and do something that matters! Culture Tarnished The MMO World of Warcraft is lovingly mocked in this episode. With quotes like 'Gentlemen, this could very well be the end of the world... of warcraft.' the creators make fun of people who invest too much time in the world whilst still acknowledging that they get it. They understand why people love it so much. Why This Episode Is So Good Consistently winning fan votes for the best South Park episode this list would be incomplete without 'Make Love not Warcraft'. An impressive achievement, this episode is well loved by all those who play the game thanks to Parker being one of their number and also actually getting the company behind the game involved. The story follows the boys as they attempt to take on the greatest player that the World of Warcraft has ever seen, a severely obese middle aged man who does nothing but sit at his computer and play the game. In taking on the challenge the boys lose months of their lives turning into the same sort of person as their opponent himself. Built into the story is the plight of the WoW engineers who want someone to put a top to the villain before he drives off all their customers and lovable Randy who just wants to connect with his son.

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