Star Trek: 10 Crazy Facts About Ferengi

The greediest species in the galaxy on Star Trek is also its most endearing.


When the Ferengi first appeared in The Next Generation, the intention was to create another villainous species on par with the Romulans. The attempt was necessary as the Klingons had transitioned to allies in the time between TNG and The Original Series. Things didn't quite work out as planned.

As the Ferengi evolved as characters, they became increasingly comedic through various appearances on TNG. Deep Space Nine was the first, and only, series to features a Ferengi as a regular member of the main cast. Quark was part of most DSP stories on some level, and the focus several.

Through Quark and the series of secondary Ferengi characters around him, fans got deeper look into Ferengi culture. What they saw showed how absurd it truly is. Their focus on greed runs much deeper than anyone could have suspected, with a lot more weirdness related to women wrapped around it.

The Ferengi are honestly one of the oddest species on Star Trek and that's not just due to their desire for profit. They have a lot of idiosyncrasies and and traits that set them apart from everyone around them.


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