Star Trek: 10 WORST Things Gul Dukat Has Ever Done

Was he truly Star Trek's greatest villain, or just an annoying upstart with delusions of grandeur?

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Gul Dukat was with Deep Space Nine from the very beginning, confidently walking into Sisko's office while bemoaning the fact it had, until rather recently, been his own. There was a swagger in the way he moved that suggested a lack of any guilt - bear in mind, we had been introduced to this man as the former prefect of an occupied world. First impressions tend to stick.

As the years rolled by, Dukat oscillated from vague ally to all-out villain, using his cunning charm to hide some truly depraved actions. Once Cardassia joined the Dominion, for the most part, he abandoned all pretence of being a redeemable man. He was just plain bad, no matter how much he tried to hide that behind patriotism.

Then, in the final days of the War, he moved from patriotism to religious zealotry, inspiring Kai Winn to sink into true evil with him. There is a charisma to the man that is undeniable, though he could never be truly counted among the leaders one should try to emulate.

Though his crimes are legion, we are going to attempt to pick ten of the worst.

10. Seeking His Daughter So He Can Execute Her

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Indiscretion sees Major Kira teaming up with Gul Dukat - despite high protestation - to find the survivors of the Ravinok. This Cardassian transport vessel was lost during the Occupation, presumably with all hands. One of Kira's friends was a passenger but so, too, was a woman close to Dukat's heart. 

Tora Naprem was, seemingly, one of Dukat's many comfort women that he kept during the Occupation. Though he professed to love her, he had another reason for the search, as became clear when they did in fact find the wreckage of the ship. He and Naprem had a daughter together - Tora Ziyal - who Dukat was now searching for.

For a moment, Kira softened toward him. He amended that rather quickly by informing her that if he found Ziyal, he would have to kill her. The existence of a half-Bajoran daughter of the Occupation would threaten Dukat's standing in society. something he couldn't risk. Despite Kira's outrage, he was determined to destroy all evidence of his infidelities.

Though he did, in the end, let Ziyal live and even bring her back to Cardassia with him, there is no doubt that without Kira forcing him to hesitate, he would have shot his own daughter.

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