Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Ranking Every Major Character Worst To Best

Space Stations really do have a huge cast of characters! Ranked from worst to best, here are DS9's.

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Deep Space Nine boasted an enormous supporting cast, more than any of the other franchises in terms of the characters' popularity and appearances. As such, ranking them was going to be a tall order.

That said, some of the characters on this show simply lend themselves to high rankings due to the consistantly excellent writing that was on display across the seasons.

Whether it was Kira's search for her place in the new order to Nog's growth and trauma, or Sisko's struggle to reconcile his place in the Bajoran religion - these characters had arcs very different from the other entries in the franchise.

Unsurprisingly, and thankfully in terms of entertainment, there were excellent villains to pick from as well. Deep Space Nine had arguably, after perhaps the Borg, the greatest villains in the franchise (a certain genetically engineered tyrant notwithstanding). It was also the first entry to truly present an interstellar war, something which opened the playing field even wider for more characters to turn up.

Not every character on the show worked. Not every one of them settled into the swing of things quite as well as some of the others. Some were largely forgotten as the story lines went in other directions. This is true of any series, though perhaps on Deep Space Nine it is forgivable due to the sheer size of the cast.

With that in mind, starting at the bottom, we have...


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