Star Trek: Discovery 3.1 Review - Ups And Downs From That Hope Is You

Here are the best bits from the Star Trek: Discovery season 3 premiere.


Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery has finally arrived and, thank the Prophets, it has delivered on the hopes of the audience!

The first episode, That Hope Is You, is quintessentially Star Trek. Burnham is faced with not only understanding what the universe is like now, 930 years further along the timeline than she knows, yet also navigating the new faces that she meets around her.

She arrives quite literally with a bang - but this is not the first scene of the episode!

Much of what is on offer has been teased in the various trailers, though it doesn't feel in any way spoiled because of this. They showed exactly the right amount that they needed to, while leaving enough unique moments for the audience to digest in the episode itself.

Be sure to check out our video on the Ups and Downs (if any!) from what could very easily be referred to as the new pilot episode of Star Trek: Discovery. However in the meantime, let this article guide you through the best (and maybe not-so-best) moments from That Hope Is You.

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